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Screen Printing


Screen Printing is a process by which ink is applied to a surface by forcing it through a fine mesh screen made of silk or a synthetic substitute. It is primarily used for multicolored, large T-shirt designs, screen printing allows flexibility in reproducing

computer generated art, blends and fades can be incorporated into the design. Each color is applied separately to the garments. This is absolutely durable and effective way to promote your company or event.

Product Search

We offer a large variety of products for men, women and children/youth. We also have other items, such as bags and key chains.

Below are the items which have been the most popular, however we have access to many more items. Visit the online product search for a complete list of items.

  • Bags/Cases
  • Key Chains / Medals
  • Magnetic Products
  • Calendars
  • Safety & Security
  • Desk Accessories
  • Sports Paraphernalia
  • Writing Instruments
  • Paper Products
  • Paper Products